About us

At The Montgomery Picture, our production in Filmmaking, Writing, and Photography is committed to everything imaginative, bold, and most importantly genuine – We take great pride in pioneering fresh and unique creative content for businesses, brands, artists, and athletes. Please refer to our contact page for brand content, design, collaboration, or any other inquiries – For daily inspiration follow us on Instagram! @montgomery.picture

For the most versatility and the best capture, the Montgomery Picture chooses the Panasonic Lumix line #WhereLumixGoes


Luke Montgomery is an independent filmmaker, photographer, writer and committed storyteller, who deeply believes in the power of perspective to change the world. From the written word to the frozen frame – he is driven to capture and create that which might give us hope, insight, and a better future. Since childhood, he has had a burning passion for world travel, philosophy, and a good story.

In 2015, Luke formed this family business, The Montgomery Picture, specializing in the creation of cutting edge content for businesses, brands, artists, and athletes. Montgomery graduated from Queen’s University with a degree in Film & Media and Philosophy, and has since embarked on creative adventures at home and abroad. Behind the lens, he has worked in the prison system, national parks, international aid NGOs, tourism boards, industry productions, and more.

Leadership values, personal growth, mental health empowerment, and dissatisfaction with the status quo are just a few of the interests motivating Luke to work with his latest project “The Special Forces Experience” to capture and spark world change one human being at a time. See more about The SFE at: https://thespecialforcesexperience.com/


Mark Montgomery is a Canadian/ American Freelance Photographer, Independent Filmmaker, and Music Designer based in Toronto, Canada. He studied Professional Photography and Cinematography at Ryerson University and continues to work mainly in the Greater Toronto Area. His greatest creative influences are Danny Boyle, Darren Aronofsky, and David Simon of The Wire.