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The Process: Special Forces Experience 2019 – 30 men, 8 days, 1 Process. “I didn’t learn lessons there, I witnessed them.” The Process is the ultimate experience for men looking for adventure, personal growth, and the challenge of a lifetime. To wit, there is a 27% completion rate. Created and orchestrated by former Canadian SOF JTF2, US Navy SEALs, and wilderness survival experts, the SFE is just beginning its journey in changing the world, one man at a time.


2019 Reel – The Montgomery Picture


Old School Muay Thai has proudly been training students from beginner to fighter levels for over a decade. Welcoming all levels of fitness and experience, Kru James Hines offers his clients traditional Muay Thai training in a friendly environment. 45 Camden Street #200 Spadina & Richmond – Toronto, Canada


Black Widow Tattoo is Toronto’s best custom tattoo shop, specializing in single needle, black and grey, traditional Japanese and American tattoo styles – @blackwidow 188 Spadina Ave. Toronto, Canada (Artist: Aiko)



On a journey from Canada to Colombia in early 2018, the Montgomery Picture set out in search for the REAL adventure, authentic travel, and rustic living ~ from Toronto to Bogotá, Villa de Leyva to Salento, Medellin to Leticia, and Puerto Nariño to Iquitos ~ this Journey Never Quits, and Magic Still Breathes in this World


Travel Colombia: LETICIA

The Ultimate Frontier of the mighty Amazon, spliced between Peru and Brazil – both within walking distance, allowing for the greatest adventure base into the deep jungle. Information on the area is rather sparse, making for an authentic and unpredictable experience – drift downriver to Manaus within a week, upriver to Iquitos within a day, or meander along the remote tributaries of the mystical Rio Yavari in hopes to see the most wildlife ~

Music by Portugal. The Man “The Woods”


Travel Colombia: VILLA de LEYVA

Villa de Leyva is within a couple hours drive of Colombia’s capital, Bogotá, nestled in the sunny, arid hills of the Boyacá Department reminiscent of Andalusia, Spain – and arguably your most magical destination off the beaten track here in Colombia. Ride horseback through the desert mountains and florid tapestry of perennials, wander the romantic Plaza Mayor day and night, perhaps the largest cobbled plaza in South America… Ancient Astrology, Paleontology, Revolution, and Spanish Love Songs ~ Villa de Leyva is a town trapped in time and wonderfully unforgettable.


Travel Colombia: BOGOTÁ

The Athens of South America, the Lady of the Andes… Bogotá is a city like no other, and next to its summertime city to the north, Medellin – it often goes overlooked! The third highest capital city in the world, full of wildly fascinating museums and universities, Botogá will get under your skin, steal your heart, and truly welcome you into authentic Colombia. Travel Bogotá to explore the ancient Gold Museum, summit the micro-wilderness peak of Monserrate, and stroll the charming, colorful and cobbled streets of La Candelaria!


Travel Colombia: SALENTO

CREER EN LO QUE SOMOS “Believe In What We Are” – We found this painted on the wall down a quiet country lane in Salento, Colombia and thought it painted the perfect picture… Travel Colombia to discover truly marvelous, hidden paradises like Salento, where you can see the Tallest Palm Trees in the World, Make your own Coffee, Fish and Fry your own Creole Garlic Trout, Revel in the Sacred Ecotourism of the Jungle, and SO MUCH MORE! Believe in your own adventure.


2018 REEL


MALL STORE SANTA Music Video – The Old Salts

Founded in East Toronto in 2012, The Old Salts have grown from the melodic and lyrical guitar duo of James da Mota and Devin Staple to a high-powered 6-piece roots-rock outfit. Da Mota’s whiskey-and-cigarettes baritone and Staple’s sweeping, singing lead guitar is enhanced by crunchy harmonica, frenetic mandolin, and a rhythm section right out of Big Pink.


Official BREATHE Music Video – Cubs Refrain

Erin and Jordan are Cubs Refrain, a dynamic synthpop duo with a sound all to themselves. Their indie rock brand of electronica draws influence and sound from groups like CHVRCHES, Oh Wonder, Stars, and Metric. With sweeping melodies, driving rhythms and strong lead vocals from both members, Cubs Refrain is reimagining how indie rock and synthpop collide. Video written, directed and produced by Mark and Luke Montgomery –


Official ALL NEW LIVES Music Video – Cubs Refrain

The culmination of our two-part music video narrative for the upcoming album from Cubs Refrain, “Tell Me You Love Me”


Kanadario – Short Film (Dur. 13:48)

A young drifter-vagabond returns home in search of his youth, his family, his past. But the place he finds again is not necessarily the same place he’d left. This is a world seen through the lens of Kanadario, the Southern Ontario Gothic. Kanadario is a Canadian short story meant to depict the darker side to the beautiful land upon which it takes place, and reflecting small-town themes of apathy, hypocrisy, and disregard for the sacred home we share. It is the Canadian story.



Drifter – Short Film (Dur. 5:16)

The drifter, one who hides in the woods from a past haunting: a short visual story. “His scorn of the Gods, his hatred of death, and his passion for life won him that unspeakable penalty in which the whole being is exerted toward accomplishing nothing. This is the price that must be paid for the passions of this earth.” -Albert Camus


Oh, the Places You’ll Go! TRAILER – Feature Film (Dur. 2:23)

Sol and Jed are an uninspiring pair from an uninspiring town. But when their usual day turns into a strange predicament involving drugs, embezzlement, pineapples, jalopies, and a masked psychopath, they face the great question within: Ever wanna go someplace? And anything’s better than running circles in life… right?


Such is the Life – Short Film (Dur. 7:37)

George seeks the answers to some fundamental questions about being an artist; What is the point? Am I a hipster? Can I make a living? Do I need to get a real job?


Mt. Davidson Cross Memorial (Dur. 2:47)


Forest Hill – Real Estate Film (Dur. 3:09)


Lake Street – Real Estate Film (Dur. 3:07)


Monnaie Noir – Short Film (Dur. 5:21)